Why Hire Our Firm?

Intellectual property law is complex, and the level of complexity is especially high if an innovative technology or software development is at issue, if a trademark has been challenged, or if a case involves international issues. At Frisina, LLC, our firm utilizes its unique blend of attorney background, experience and access to resources to ensure your rights as an IP owner are valued and respected.

We Understand Many Types Of Intellectual Property Situations

Our founding attorney, Dominic A. Frisina, has counseled hundreds of clients on an array of IP matters, including:

Additionally, our firm regularly counsels international clients on the process of protecting their intellectual property within the United States.

We Combine Legal Acumen With A Scientific Background

In addition to his 14-plus years of experience as a lawyer, Dominic also spent eight years working as a chemist. He has done R&D work and understands the implications of creating intellectual property with commercial applications.

Because of this unique background, he can infuse his legal counsel of hundreds of inventors, engineers, business persons and artists with a sense of what the stakes are for an IP owner. It also enables him to translate intellectual property law into plain English and help you understand how legal precedents may impact your work.

We Work Hard To Keep You Out Of Court

Once you have protected your intellectual property, you must defend it. But lawsuits can be costly. We work hard to keep you out of conflicts, but when conflicts arise our firm uses negotiation and mediation skill to devise win-win solutions and ensure your rights are protected at a reasonable cost. We are prepared to litigate if necessary, but we understand that your needs are best served by keeping you out of court in the first place.

We Can Work With You No Matter Where You Are Located

Our office is based in Cleveland and serves much of northeastern Ohio. However, our expertise is in U.S. federal law covering intellectual property, so we are happy to advise American and international clients regardless of their location.

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