The Role Of Trademark Research In Establishing A Business Identity

Business trademarks are a valuable part of your enterprise. When chosen with care, trademarks can:

  • Establish a unique and clear identity that makes it easy for your customers to find you
  • Make the job positions you present more attractive to the best candidates
  • Create a valuable asset that appreciates over time, allowing expansion into new markets or attracting merger/acquisition opportunities

The key to reaping these sorts of benefits from your trademark is selecting a mark that is not “confusingly similar” to other marks currently in use by others and which you can defend easily if challenges arise. Our firm, Frisina, LLC, has more than 14 years of experience in trademark law. Our founding attorney, Dominic A. Frisina, can advise you during your research phase on what marks are legally safe to use, whether you live in Ohio or elsewhere.

Scale Your Trademark Search To Your Business Needs

You will want to conduct a search for possible competing trademarks in a manner that is compatible with your long-term business goals. If your business has the potential to grow nationally or internationally or to extend into new market segments, you may want to consider a more comprehensive search.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has a Trademark Electronic Search System, and conducting a thorough search of this system is a must. You will want to search for variants of your name or logo, in addition to the literal “mark” itself. If you plan to do business in multiple American states, you will also want to search the registry in each state. There are paid search services that can conduct this search for you efficiently.

The other half of your trademark search will include looking for trademarks that are in common law use but not registered, because they, too, can present challenges down the road. Internet searches related to your trademark are important, as are searches of ICANN and other domain name providers.

The lawyer for our firm can help you design a search that fits your objectives and timeline — whether that is an exhaustive search of state and federal databases or a quick spot check to help you decide between competing branding ideas.

Begin Your Trademark Search With Us

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