What To Do If Your Trademark Is Challenged

Regardless of whether you have registered your trademark at the state or federal level or not, you may find it challenged by a competing business entity. Challenges can happen in several different settings:

  • A competitor may learn of your federal registration application and file an opposition proceeding
  • A business may discover your trademark usage and send you a cease and desist letter or file an infringement lawsuit
  • A trademark holder may claim that you have incorporated trademarked names or phrases into your registered social media accounts

Frisina, LLC, can help you defend your use of your trademark as well as find solutions to the conflict that work for all parties. Our founding attorney, Dominic A. Frisina, is an experienced IP lawyer based in Cleveland, and he has successfully defended trademarks for many clients.

The Key To Surviving A Trademark Challenge: Know Thy Opponent

Working with a knowledgeable IP attorney during a trademark challenge is crucial. A lawyer can help you discover the basis for the challenge and evaluate the strength of your opponent’s case, which is critical in determining how you should proceed.

Your opponent may not have as strong of a case as they think. They may be willing to accept coexistence or drop the claim altogether. In all situations, your trademark attorney can examine the challenge and help you craft an intelligent strategy to address it.

Defend Your Business Identity — Call Our Firm Today

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