Acting Aggressively To Stop Copyright Violations

In today’s global economy, the online presence you create can help your business stand out from a sea of competitors. Copyrights play an integral role in establishing and enhancing your business’s identity. When others engage in the “website scraping” or otherwise copying your online content without permission, they threaten your business, your revenue stream and your relationship with your customers.

Frisina, LLC, knows it’s necessary to act aggressively to stop copyright violations, and we are equipped to help. Our principal attorney, Dominic Frisina, is a seasoned intellectual property lawyer with over 14 years’ experience in this challenging field. He has successfully protected and enforced copyrights business owners throughout Ohio and across the country.


We provide individualized attention to all our clients because we know these violations are harming your business’s reputation and your bottom line. When you share your concerns with us, we will move swiftly to address your piracy matter.

We help registered copyright holders defend their intellectual property through:

  • Issuing carefully researched cease-and-desist letters
  • Resolving disputes through mediation or arbitration
  • Litigating matters in federal court

We understand that taking legal action can be expensive and time-intensive. As your advocate, we examine all options before recommending a strategy. We seek out-of-court solutions when they provide the best results, but we are always prepared to litigate when the situation calls for court involvement.

Copyright infringement can undermine your business and erase your profits. Frisina, LLC, is dedicated to securing favorable outcomes that protect your intellectual property and secures damages for violations.


Reach a qualified copyright attorney by completing our online form or by calling our Cleveland office at 440-600-1992. We respond to all emails and phone messages quickly because we understand that your IP concerns are important.


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