Patent landscaping is sometimes referred to as collection searching or state-of-the art searching. This type of search is used to map the patents populating a given space, which may be helpful in assessing litigation risk, early spoting of potential freedom to operate issues, and in finding your niche in a crowded patent space. In contrast to a patent availability search, this type of analysis does not search for a particular invention but rather a class of technology. For instance, if a business wants to determine what their competitors are patenting in the area PET/SPECT image reconstruction software then this type of search would be used to find all of the patents in that area of technology. The client would then receive all of the references uncovered by the search (potentially hundreds or even thousands of references), a report summarizing the references, as well as statistical data to help the client extract meaningful information from this large body of data. Typical analytics may show the key innovators in the field, the classes and subclasses of technology, litigation activity and certain other analytics as the situation requires.