Retain Control Over Your Brand With A Trademark

A trademark distinguishes and identifies your product, service or business to the consumer. It is vital that you securely establish and defend ownership of your trademarks because to lose control over your trademark is to lose control over your business.

As your intellectual property law firm, Frisina, LLC, will help ensure that you have the exclusive right to use your trademarks. If you are developing a trademark, we will assist you in researching it to avoid challenges later. And if your application for a trademark is rejected, we will be there to aggressively fight for you.

Why You Should Register Your Trademarks

Though registering your trademarks with the government is not technically necessary, doing so gives you many important advantages that help to fend off attempts at counterfeiting or confusing your customers into buying from others instead of you. Due diligence at the beginning greatly minimizes the chances you will run into problems in the future. If problems do arise, they will be much easier to handle if you have registered your trademarks. If you have been using an unregistered trademark as part of your business, we can assist you in registering it so that you may protect your reputation and identity.

If you are facing a challenge to your trademarks, such as a trademark opposition, or have discovered another party using one of your trademarks without permission, our firm can provide experienced representation in trademark litigation and trademark enforcement matters. We will work tirelessly toward a positive outcome.

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